Good News! We have successfully exported a disc type wood chipper to Maldives with an output of 1500kg/h to improve the efficiency of wood processing. Our wood chipper is available in different types, with outputs from 500-8000kg per hour, to meet the absolute needs of our customers.

Customer background

A wood factory in the Maldives was recently looking for a solution to improve the efficiency of its wood processing. As a beautiful holiday destination, the Maldives is rich in timber resources, and the wood factory is mainly engaged in manufacturing wood products, including furniture and decorations for holiday homes.

Why choose Shuliy disc type wood chipper for Maldives?

disc type wood chipper machine
disc type wood chipper machine
  • Trust in the performance and efficiency of the machine: Shuliy’s wood chipping machine stands out for its superior design and efficient work methods. The customer found it ideal for increasing productivity and reducing costs.
  • Improving wood utilization: Wood mills have long faced the problem of raw material waste when processing wood. By introducing our disc type wood chipper, the customer saw a significant improvement. The machine’s high efficiency and precise chipping technology have resulted in increased wood utilization, reduced waste and cost savings for the mill.
  • Simplified operational processes: The machine’s simple operation and easy maintenance make for a smooth workflow in the wood mill. Operators can easily get started without complex training, improving overall operational efficiency.
  • Economic and environmentally friendly choice: Our machine’s high efficiency reduces energy consumption, in line with the wood mill’s pursuit of environmentally friendly production. At the same time, the stability and durability of the machine bring economic benefits to the customer and extend the life of the machine.

Machine list for Maldvise

Wood chipperModel: SL-600
Overall dimension:1500 * 570 * 1050mm
Packing size:1.60.751m
Packing weight:620 kg
Inlet size:180*150mm
Voltage: 380v,50hz,3phase
1 pc
machine list for Maldvise

Customer feedback and future outlook

After a period of use, customers are very satisfied with the performance of Shuliy disc type wood chipper. They said that the introduction of the machine not only improves the production efficiency, but also brings higher competitiveness to the wood factory. In the future, the customer plans to further expand their production scale, and will continue to rely on Schulich’s advanced technology to provide them with reliable support.

Are you interested in this type of wood chipper?

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