The UAE customer is a newly established wood processing company and they planned to start with a small production volume to test and validate the viability of the business model. Not knowing much about the wood processing industry, he looked for a supplier of the log sliding table saw online.

log sliding table saw
log sliding table saw

Shuliy’s sales staff got in touch with the customer and learned about his requirements. The type of wood the customer planned to process included pine, cedar, oak, etc. The customer needed a log sliding table saw that could meet the needs of different raw materials.

Design a solution to various wood cutting

According to his needs, our sales staff recommended a suitable model SL-500 lumber sawmill for him. This model has the characteristics of high efficiency, stability, safety, etc., which can meet the customer’s processing needs. The salesperson also showed the working effect of the machine and the pictures of the finished products after processing to help customers make decisions.

Under the professional guidance of the sales staff, this customer quickly gained an understanding of the log sliding table saw and decided to purchase one. After saw mill production was completed, we arranged the delivery.

Reference to the log sliding table saw parameters

Log sliding table saw
Model: SL-500
Dimension:4*1.6*1.6 mm
Feeding diameter:0-50 cm
Feeding wood length:0-200 cm
Feeding: manual feeding
Weight:600 kg
Package size:2.1*1.7*1.9 m
1 pc
Saw/2 pcs
sawmill machine parameters

Our saw mill machine can cut the wood into the desired shape and size, with high efficiency, stability, safety, and other advantages. If you are interested, contact us quickly. We offer the best price for the same quality.