We’re so thrilled to share that one Nigerian client bought one shisha charcoal making machine from Shuliy. Our hookah charcoal machine has features of high efficiency, good performance, and cost-effective price. Also, our charcoal machine is exported to many countries, such as Kenya, the UK, Thailand, Nigeria, etc.

Why buy the shisha charcoal making machine for Nigeria?

Nigeria’s huge population constitutes a huge market demand, and the purchase of shisha charcoal machine is expected to meet the local demand for charcoal. In addition, the Nigerian government encourages the use of renewable energy, and the use of hookah charcoal as an environmentally friendly fuel is in line with its policy orientation. Moreover, the rich local timber and agricultural resources provide a stable raw material base for the production of hookah charcoal.

Through a series of investigations, the client found that investing in the production of shisha charcoal has a large profit margin. Therefore, he decided to buy a hookah charcoal machine to make a profit.

Shisha charcoal making machine parameters for Nigeria

shisha charcoal machinePower:7.5 kw
Capacity:17 pieces per time,20times per minute, 200kg per hour Pressure:
25tons per time
1 pc
rotary charcoal machine parameters

Notes: The shelf life of the machine is 12 months, the machine voltage is 380V,50hz, and the mold is dia. 33mm round.