A biomass energy company located in Uganda, facing the abundant local wood resources and the growing demand for environmentally friendly and energy-saving fuels, decided to invest in a complete hexagonal charcoal production line.

They chose our complete set of wood chips charcoal making machine, including wood chipper, continuous carbonization furnace, wheel mill and charcoal briquettes press machine.

wood chips charcoal making machine
wood chips charcoal making machine

Advantages of Shuliy wood chips charcoal making machine

  • Wood chipper: Efficiently process the logs, cut the wood into uniform wood chips, which is convenient for the subsequent processing.
  • Continuous charcoal furnace: Adopting advanced pyrolysis technology, it realizes continuous operation, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces environmental pollution at the same time.
  • Wheel mill (charcoal powder grinder and mixer): Finely grinds and evenly mixes the charcoal powder after carbonization to ensure the quality of later molding.
  • Coal powder briquetting machine: It can be customized to produce different shapes of products, such as hexagonal charcoal briquettes, with stable pressure, high density of finished products and superior combustion performance.

On-site installation service process in Uganda

Machine assembly and connection

Our professional team goes to the Uganda site to install the wood chips charcoal making machine, especially focusing on the precise docking and sealing between the components of the continuous carbonization furnace to ensure the safety and operational efficiency of the equipment.

Commissioning and smooth production

After completing the assembly, the technicians carried out a comprehensive commissioning of the equipment to ensure that all the equipment ran smoothly and met the design standards. The whole production process from raw material to final hexagonal charcoal briquettes was realized in a short time.

Worker instruction and training

We provided detailed operating instructions and on-site practical training for the operators of the Ugandan client to ensure that they could master the operating skills of the whole production line, thus reducing maintenance costs and improving production efficiency.

wood charcoal machine works in Uganda

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