In Ukraine, a customer in the timber industry saw an opportunity and decided to invest in a high-quality wood log debarking machine to improve the efficiency and quality of wood processing. As a professional wood processor, the customer realizes the importance of wood debarking and is therefore looking forward to a machine that suits his needs.

wood log debarking machine
wood log debarking machine

The best solution for the Ukrainian customer

Knowing the size and type of wood, we recommended the right model of wood log debarking machine for our Ukrainian customer. Knowing that every customer’s needs are unique, we provided the best solution for the customer’s situation, ensuring that the machine would be perfectly adapted to their wood processing.

Shuliy wood log debarking machine’s attractive features

Our wood peeler is known for its superior performance and quality. Our well-designed machines efficiently remove the outer bark from wood, creating high-quality material for subsequent processing. Durable construction and reliable performance ensure long and stable operation, which will provide strong support to our customers’ production.

Machine parameters for Ukraine

Wood peeling machineModel: SL- 250
Power: 7.5+2.2kw
Capacity: 10 meters per minute
Suitable wood diameter: 50- 320mm Machine
Size: 2450*1400*1700mm
1 set
Blades/2 sets
wood debarker machine parameters

How to deliver the machine safely?

The wooden package is necessary to protect the wood log debarking machine for safe delivery during shipment.