We’re so excited to share that a Croatian client bought one wood debarking machine for sale. Because for the timber industry, efficiency is key. This Croatian customer recently proved this principle by investing in a vertical wood debarker machine for personal use.

wood debarking machine for sale
wood debarking machine for sale

Why buy the wood debarking machine for Croatia?

Croatia’s abundant forests make wood processing an important sector, and he recognizes the need to streamline their operations. This wood peeler not only saves time, but also improves the quality of peeled wood, a key consideration for a variety of applications.

wood log debarker machine
wood log debarker machine

The decision of this Croatian customer to purchase a wood debarking machine for sale emphasizes the importance of efficient wood processing, even in small-scale operations.

Highlights of our wood debarking machine for sale

When looking for the right wood peeler, this client is attracted to Shuliy’s products.

Shuliy is a well-known brand in the industry that consistently delivers innovative and reliable wood processing equipment. The key marketing points of the Shuliy wood log debarking machine are its efficiency, precision and adaptability. The machine’s ability to handle different types of wood, coupled with its adjustable peeling depth, perfectly matches the customer’s requirements.

Machine list for Croatia

Peeling machine
peeling machine
Model: SL-320
Capacity:10meter per minute
Suitable wood diameter:50-320mm
Machine size:2450*1400*1700mm
1 set
wood debarking machine parameters

Package and deliver wood debarker machine