In Senegal, a forward-thinking customer was looking for a charcoal extruder machine to expand his production and convert coal dust into valuable hexagonal coal rods. This customer learned about the potential of a briquette charcoal machine and started looking for a machine that would suit his needs. After careful consideration and market research, he found the Shuliy charcoal briquette extruder machine and decided to work with us.

charcoal briquette making machine with cutter
charcoal briquette making machine with cutter

Clear requirements of Senegal customer

Our client owns a small factory in Senegal and wanted to expand production and add value to his charcoal powder. His goal was to produce high-quality hexagonal briquettes and supply them to the market. However, a limited budget required us to provide an affordable but efficient solution.

Design solution for the Senegal client

Despite this customer’s limited knowledge of the charcoal extruder machine’s import, he demonstrated his attention to key data and feedback during the chat. He had browsed some of the machines on Alibaba and noted the positive feedback, which reflected the importance he placed on product quality.

Thus, we actively shared our shipping and stock pictures to ensure that the customer understood the reality of our production and that our charcoal extruder machine was highly recognized in the market. In addition, we also sent him the CE certificate of the machine, which further enhanced the market’s trust in our company’s products.

The machine list is shown below:

Charcoal briquette machine
Charcoal briquette machine
Model: SL-140
Capacity: 400kg/hour
Power: 11KW
Package size: 2*1.5*1.4m;1.45*1.4*1.4m
Weight: 900kg
Including cutter and conveying
1 set
Screw propeller
The spiral of this color is good and will become smooth after putting into work1 pc
hexagonal mold
Material: Manganese alloy
Advange: anti-oxidation; increase the strength and toughness of steel
1 pc
charcoal extruder machine list for Segneal

Ask about the charcoal extruder machine price!

The price of the coal stick machine is the key factor whether you buy it or not. If you are interested in this machine, contact us, and we will provide you with the best offer!