In today’s era of focusing on environmental protection and sustainable development, more and more companies and individuals are looking for environmentally friendly alternative energy sources. That’s why more and more people are choosing to make woodchip fuel, and the key behind this is to have a great sawdust press machine. In this article, we’ll present the story of a Nigerian customer and how he chose a Shuliy sawdust briquette press to start his own woodchip fuel manufacturing business.

sawdust press machine
sawdust press machine

Customer needs

This customer is the head of a small factory, specializing in woodworking. He noticed the increasing demand for environmentally friendly fuels in the market, which was one of the main reasons why he decided to enter the field of woodchip fuel production. He wanted to be able to use waste materials such as wood chips to produce high-quality woodchip fuel that was both environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Why choose Shuliy sawdust press machine?

After researching the market and comparing several suppliers, this customer chose our sawdust briquettes making machine. Why? Firstly, Shuliy has many years of experience in the manufacture of sawdust press machines and a wealth of technical knowledge. This gave the customer confidence that our equipment was reliable.

sawdust briquette maker
sawdust briquette maker

In addition, our wood dust briquetting machine is designed to be robust and able to run for long periods of time, which is essential for producing high volumes of woodchip fuel. Not only that, our machine is also highly automated, which makes operation simple and efficient.

Gains from our sawdust press machine

After receiving the machine, this customer quickly started his woodchip fuel production business. His plant is now running every day, producing high-quality woodchip fuel. This has not only helped him achieve his goal of being sustainable and environmentally friendly, but has also provided him with a steady income.

Machine list for Nigeria

Sawdust briquette machineModel: SL-50
Dimension:1.56*0.65*1.62 m
Weight:700 kg
Include extra screw for free
1 set
Screw/3 pcs
Heating rings/4 pcs
Mould/1 pc
machine list for Nigeria

Not only is our sawdust press machine highly reliable and efficient, but it also provides customers with the tools to make their dreams come true. If you have similar needs, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.