The compressed wood pallet production line is a comphrehensive system designed to manufacture durable wooden pallets. It encompasses a wood shredder, dryer, glue mixer and automatic wooden pallet machine.

automatic pressed wooden pallet production line
automatic pressed wooden pallet production line

This line efficiently processes raw materials like sawdust, creating pallets through high-pressure compression. Its features include custom sizing, energy efficiency, and reduced waste. The molded wood pallet production line is popular in many countries due to its eco-friendly approach, cost-effectiveness, and versatile applications.

Final products of molded wood pallet production line

The end product of the compressed wood pallet production line is a high-quality wooden pallet. These pallets are manufactured in accordance with European pallets and standard pallets, ensuring superior strength, durability and reliability.

The line can be adapted to specific customer needs, allowing for customization in terms of size and specifications. Designed to efficiently support a variety of loads, these pallets are suitable for industries that require standardized and durable packaging solutions.

Components for compressed wood pallet production line

The parts of compressed wood pallet production line include drum chipper, hammer mill, dryer, mixer, wood pallet machine, the following one by one detailed description:

Drum-type wood chipper for mass wood chips

drum wood chipper machine for sale
drum wood chipper machine for sale

The drum chipper is used to cut raw wood into fine chips to feed subsequent processes. Known for its high efficiency and precision, it chops wood evenly for consistent particles.

Hammer mill for fine sawdust

large type wood hammer mill
large type wood hammer mill

This hammer mill further pulverizes wood chips and wood materials into smaller particles for better mixing and molding. This process is a critical step in creating high-strength wood pellets.

Rotary drying machine for sawdust

sawdust dryer machine

Sawdust dryer machine is used to remove moisture from the raw material to ensure that the sawdust is able to reach the desired moisture level in subsequent processes. This helps to improve the strength and stability of the pellets.

Glue mixer for wood sawdust & glue

glue mixer
glue mixer

The equipment is used to blend the wood sawdust and the binder to form a mixture that can be pressed into pallets. Even mixing is key to ensuring the strength and quality of the pallets.

Molded wood pallet making equipment

pressed wooden pallet machine
pressed wooden pallet machine

Under high temperature and pressure, the compressed wood pallet making machine presses the mixture into the desired pallet shape. It creates a strong and durable wood pallet for a wide range of weights by tightly binding the particles together.

What’s the price of compressed wood pallet production line?

Curious about investing in a compressed wood pallet production line? Dig deeper, and the price range usually varies based on production capacity, level of automation, and components included. In terms of the configuration of the entire line, prices can vary from configuration to configuration.

And, factors such as customization, technical support and maintenance packages may further impact the final price. If you are interested, contact us now! We will provide you with professional advice.

How to profit from wood sawdust waste by wooden pallets?

This compressed wood pallet production line converts sawdust into durable pallets that are widely used in industries such as logistics and warehousing. By producing and selling these pallets, you can create a sustainable business model. Additionally, customized options – wooden pallets that are tailored to specific customer needs can command a higher price.

Work with businesses that need pallets for transportation and storage to provide them with environmentally friendly alternatives. Emphasize the environmental benefits of repurposing sawdust waste into functional products. This investment not only generates revenue, but is consistent with sustainable practices and can create immeasurable value.

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