Coconut shell charcoal making is an important process through which waste coconut shells can be converted into a high-value charcoal product. The following are the basic steps of coconut shell charcoal making:

coconut shell charcoal making
coconut shell charcoal making

1. Preparation of raw materials

Before making coconut shell charcoal, you need to prepare sufficient coconut shells as raw material. These coconut shells usually come from the processing of coconuts or the remaining parts of the coconut fruit.

2. Crushing

First, the coconut shells are subjected to a shredding process to break them into appropriate-sized particles. This can be done through wood shredding equipment.

hammer mill crusher
hammer mill crusher

3. Charring process

Next, the shredded material is put into a charcoal furnace(commonly continuous carbonization machine) for carbonization. This is the main step in the coconut shell charcoal making process.

At high temperatures, the organic matter in the coconut shells is broken down into carbon, producing coconut shell charcoal.

continuous carbonization furnace for sale
continuous carbonization furnace for sale

4. Cooling and solidifying

In the coconut shell charcoal making process, after the carbonization is completed, the carbonized coconut shell charcoal is removed from the carbonization oven and subjected to a cooling and curing process. This process ensures the quality and stability of the charcoal briquettes.

5. Sieving and packaging

Finally, the coconut shell charcoal is sieved to remove impurities and substandard products, and then the charcoal briquettes that meet the requirements are packed for sale or use.

6. Making shaped coconut shell charcoal briquettes

If you want to continue the production of shaped coconut shell charcoal, use the wheel mill and charcoal extruder machine for the production of shaped coconut shell charcoal, and the final product can be packaged and sold.

Through these steps, the coconut shell charcoal making process is completed. This process can not only effectively utilize coconut shell resources, but also produce high-quality coconut shell charcoal, which has a wide application prospect.