The client is a sheet metal company with the import business in three ports in China. They have sufficient experience in importing and have a strong interest in the charcoal production project.

After understanding that the customer wants to carry out the production of barbecue charcoal, and the company’s strength is very strong, very interested in the BBQ coal production line, and the demand is very clear!

BBQ charcoal making plant
BBQ charcoal making plant

Shuliy suitable solution for BBQ charcoal production

By phone and email, we understand the customer’s needs, and provide quotation and product information in time. The customer quickly expressed the purchase intention and requested customized solutions.

Based on the customer’s raw materials and demands, we customize the solution(continuous carbonization furnace, wheel mill grinder, BBQ charcoal making machine and packing machine), and send the details to the customer to check.

Why choose Shuliy as BBQ charcoal making plant supplier?

  • Timely communication and answer, build up customer’s trust
  • Provide detailed product information and customized solutions to meet customer needs
  • Agree to customer’s requests, such as Chinese friends visiting the factory, increased the customer’s trust and goodwill towards our company
  • Offer machine instruction manuals and drawings to solve the customer’s doubts and concerns

Transportation of BBQ coal production line to Zimbabwe

Because the customer is purchasing a charcoal production line, it can be loaded using a container. We load the machine directly into the container and ship it to the destination by sea.

BBQ coal production line loading
BBQ coal production line loading

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