Our Saudi Arabian customer purchased the sawdust briquette maker with an output of 6-10 tonnes per day. Our sawdust briquettes machine can quickly help our customer to produce a large quantity of wooden bars to meet his production needs. Of course, we also have different production capacities to suit different customers’ needs. Let’s take a look at the details of this case.

sawdust briquette maker
sawdust briquette maker

Basic information of Saudi Arabian client

Saudi Arabia has a high demand and a large market for quality biomass briquettes for the charcoal industries. Products that meet quality standards are required.

The client is located in Saudi Arabia and is engaged in the wood processing industry. It is interested in producing wood briquettes to meet the demand for wood products in the local market. He is looking for large-scale production of sawdust briquettes for the local construction and manufacturing industries. He is seeking high efficiency, reliability and a sustainable production solution.

Why choose us as sawdust briquette maker supplier?

sawdust briquetting machine manufacturer

Technological advantage: Our sawdust briquette making machine has a large-scale production capacity, suitable for the needs of our customers. Its efficient and intelligent production process ensures product quality and productivity.

Service and support: We provide a full range of after-sales services, including equipment installation and commissioning, operation training and long-term technical support to ensure that customers can use and maintain the equipment smoothly.

Machine list for Saudi Arabia

Screw feeder
Screw feeder
Model: SL-4
Can feed four sawdust briquette machine
Power:5.5 kw
Automatically disperse sawdust into 4 sawdust briquette machines
1 pc
Sawdust briquette machine
Sawdust briquette machine
Model: SL-50
Capacity:200-250kg per hour one set
Produce biomass briquettes through high temperature and high pressure
4 sets
Smoke removal
Smoke removal
Including fan
Smoke purification equipment
Collect the smoke from sawdust briquette machine
1 pc
Mesh belt conveyor
Mesh belt conveyor
Collect biomass briquettes
1 pc
machine list for Saudi Arabia

Customer feedback on sawdust briquettes making machine

He has commented that our sawdust briquette maker is stable and efficient, and can meet his large-scale production needs. He is very satisfied with the quality and efficiency of the product. Also, he sent a video.

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