We successfully co-operated with a factory in Cambodia on a biomass briquette press. Our pini kay briquettes machine specializes in recycling and re-creating value from all kinds of waste materials after wood treatment. The Cambodian customer had the same idea, so we succeeded in the cooperation.

Introduction to the Cambodian client

This customer works in a Cambodian plywood factory, and his boss wants to utilize the factory’s waste to produce charcoal sticks. This customer initially enquired about an all-in-one sawdust briqeutting to carbonization machine, but later said that he only needed one biomass briquette press for the experiment. Therefore, he needed a sawdust briquettes making machine to press the wood chips into charcoal rods.

Solution to the Cambodian client

After understanding the customer’s needs, I recommended a suitable biomass briquette press to the customer and introduced the performance and advantages of the machine in detail. At the same time, I also showed the customer our company website and shipment pictures, demonstrating our company’s strength and export experience.

During the sales process, I kept communicating with the customer. The customer was doubtful about the discount and payment method, I timely explained the company’s regulations and the advantages of the machine to the customer, and finally gained the customer’s understanding.

After a period of communication, the customer finally placed an order for a wood briquette press. The details of the machine are as follows:

Sawdust briquette machineModel: SL-50
Capacity:250-300 kg/h
Package size:1580*675*1625
1 pc
ScrewSpare parts of sawdust briquette machine2 pcs
Heating ring/1 set
machine list for Cambodia

Shuliy biomass briquette press’s advantages

sawdust briquette making machine
sawdust briquette making machine
  • Suitable for wood chips and other waste materials, can effectively use the waste resources.
  • Simple operation, easy to start.
  • High output and high efficiency.
  • Stable quality and durable.

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