The Philippine charcoal industry is undergoing a profound change with the growth of environmental policies and sustainable energy demand. Traditional charcoal production methods are being replaced by modern equipment that is efficient and environmentally friendly.

charcoal making machine Philippines

With its excellent technology and quality, Shuliy charcoal making machine Philippines provides the ideal solution for the local market.

Urgent need for the charcoal industry in the Philippines

As a country rich in biomass resources, charcoal is an important source of domestic and industrial fuel in the Philippines. However, the environmental impact of traditional production methods is a growing concern, and there is an urgent need to introduce new charcoal manufacturing equipment that is energy-efficient and meets environmental standards.

So our charcoal making machine Philippines meets the local needs and can provide convenience for local charcoal development, together with the type of charcoal machine we can offer.

Shuliy charcoal making machine Philippines for sale

Charcoal briquette extruder machine

This charcoal briquette press is suitable for processing all kinds of biomass waste into coal briquettes with high combustion efficiency and low pollution.

charcoal briquette making machine with cutter
charcoal briquette making machine with cutter

BBQ charcoal making machine

The charcoal ball press is to compress powdered raw materials into regular-shaped coal balls and pillows that are easy to store and transport by pressing technology.

charcoal ball pressing machine
charcoal ball pressing machine

Shish charcoal machine

This shisha charcoal tablet press is especially designed for making high quality smokeless lump charcoal required for making hookah, which is very popular in the market.

shisha hookah charcoal tablet press
shisha hookah charcoal tablet press

Carbinozation furnace

Our charcoal furnaces offer continuous or intermittent high-temperature charring process to ensure full carbonization of raw materials and recycling of waste heat.

coconut shell charcoal machine
coconut shell charcoal machine

How to choose a suitable Shuliy charcoal machine to use?

If you want a charcoal making machine Philippines, the following needs to be considered:

  • Raw material type: Choose the most suitable model according to the type and characteristics of local biomass raw materials.
  • Output demand: Consider the actual production scale and the target market demand, and choose the equipment with the corresponding capacity.
  • Environmental standards: Follow the Philippine domestic environmental regulations and choose the charcoal making machine Philippines that meets the emission standards.
  • Investment budget: On the premise of meeting the performance requirements, choose the products with different prices reasonably according to your economic condition.

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