Recently, we successfully exported the continuous carbonisation machine to Brazil to help him in the production of coconut shell charcoal. Let’s together see the details together below.

continuous carbonisation machine
continuous carbonisation machine

Project background

In Brazil, large quantities of green coconut shells are discarded as agricultural waste, resulting in a waste of resources. To achieve the goal of waste reuse and environmental protection, a Brazilian customer chose Schulich’s Continuous Carbonisation Furnace to convert them into valuable coconut shell charcoal.

green coconut shell
green coconut shell

Reasons for choosing Shuliy continuous carbonisation machine

  • Energy efficiency: Shuliy’s continuous carbonizing furnace adopts advanced pyrolysis technology, which can effectively improve the carbonisation efficiency of raw materials and reduce energy consumption.
  • Quality assurance: The equipment is well-designed and the manufacturing process is rigorous, which ensures that the coconut shell charcoal produced is of high quality and purity.
  • Easy operation: The continuous carbonisation machine has a high degree of automation, is easy to operate and maintain, and reduces the technical requirements for operators.
  • After-sales service: After purchasing the machine, we will provide online guidance, technical support, installation services (if you need) to ensure that you can a smooth use of the machine.
  • One-stop service: As a professional charcoal machine manufacturer, we have a comprehensive range of machines and equipment, you can buy all the equipment from us at one time. For example, this Brazilian customer bought a dryer in addition to the charcoal furnace.

Significant effect of dryer introduction

Considering the local climate conditions in Brazil and the high moisture content of green coconut shells, the customer also purchased a matching dryer to ensure that the raw material reaches the ideal humidity for coconut shell charcoal production.

  • Optimization of the raw material: After the green coconut shells are dried, the carbonization reaction can be carried out more efficiently to improve the yield and quality.
  • Energy savings: Pre-treatment of coconut shells with high humidity using the dryer helps to reduce energy consumption in the carbonisation process.

Machine list for Brazil

Model: SL-1200
Fan power:18.5kw
1. Standard magnetic coil
2. Cyclone diameter 1m
3. Adjustable speed motor
4. With control cabinet
Including feeding conveyor and discharge conveyor:5m*2
1 pc
Continuous carbonization furnace
Continuous carbonization furnace
Model: SL-1200
Output capacity:500kg per hour
Heating source: LPG/natural gas
Rotary diameter:1200mm
Main part size:12*2.6*2.9m
With Smoke and dust removal system
With feeding conveyor
Discharge conveyor(cooling system)
1 pc
machine list for Brazil

Customer feedback from Brazil

This Brazilian is very satisfied with the continuous carbonisation machine and dryer supplied by Shuliy. Since the introduction of these machines, the efficiency of the utilization of green coconut husk has been significantly improved and the quality of the product has been significantly enhanced.

coconut shell charcoal production
coconut shell charcoal production

In terms of economic benefits, he has found the return on this investment project to be quite high. It not only reduces the production cost, but also increases the value of the product, which brings a good profit to the company.